Beau Visage ™ and Cell WellBeing DNA

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What is Beau Visage™?

Beau Visage is a medically proven skin imaging and consultation system. Beau Visage is the only technology which can actually see up to 2mm below your skin to generate images of the blood supply, melanin (pigmentation) and sun damage to your face.

Beau Visage™ really does let you see more of your skin. A Beau Visage consultation means you can benefit from an accurate analysis of the true health of your skin, understand why your skin appears the way it does, and allows your therapist to target treatments even more effectively. In addition, Beau Visage allows you to compare and monitor your progress over time, giving you the confidence that your treatment is working.

What can the clinician see?

Beau Visage is the only system which lets your therapist see separate images of blood and melanin. This means they can confidently and accurately identify any imbalances in either of these. In addition your clinician will be able to see a view of overall sun damage to your face. Based on these images, and any other analysis your clinician does using Beau Visage, a customised treatment program can then be recommended.

Is Beau Visage™ safe for everyone to use?

Beau Visage is a completely painless and harmless procedure, and does not use any form of UV light.

Skin Diagnosis & Consultation with Beau Visage

Your skin is as individual as you are. Tranquillity On Marius facials designed according to your needs. 

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DNA – Cell Well-Being Scan

Beau Visage & Cell Well-Being Package (60 mins)

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