Body wraps

You’ll begin your treatment with a short consultation to check for any contra-indications and confirm your treatment choice/s. Then lay-back, relax and just let your mind drift away as your whole body gets pampered by one of our qualified professional therapists.


To increase circulation & energise the skin.

To help eliminate toxins from the skin.

To increase absorption of the following body treatment products.

To remove dead skin cells.

Body Scrubs

Body Scrub $55

Steam and Vichy $40


Cocoa Fizzing Wrap $120

The Fizzing & Heating Chocolate Herbal Pack  nourishes  the skin and provides the relaxing properties of cocoa. It is a very fine powder which turns into a fizzing and heating texture once mixed with water. Looking like delicious melted chocolate and sweet scented, this heating wrap is made with pure cacao. Allowing to rediscover the true aroma of cocoa, it is ideal for relaxing & sweet Spa treatments. The cacao micronization process combined with the heating effect allow the releasing of actives & enhance their penetration into the skin.

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Herbal Wrap – Draining Wrap $120

Combines the soothing, calming & draining elements to provide relief for those suffering persistent water retention & edema. Perfect wrap for pregnant women, those suffering with over active or under active thyroid, women with heat discomfort from hormonal changes. This wrap is beneficial in treating fluid retention. No particular contra indications apparent.

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