Hands & Feet

Bless our hands & feet! They serve us all day EVERYDAY. Yet we forget to appreciate and serve them back. Appreciation can be as easy as a luxurious Manicure OR Pedicure. Let us help you maintain your gratitude! We use VOESH New York for all our treatments. For Safe Skin Care. NO paraben sulfate, Benzophenone, mineral oil, talc, ethanol, Trilosan. Animal material.

Mini Mani $40 / Mini Pedi $50

Spa Manicure $60 / Spa Pedicure $80

Deluxe Mani $95/Deluxe Pedi $105

Callus Foot Peel $40

      ZO Hand Renewal Treatment $90



Gel Polish $15

Gel Polish Removal $10

French Polish $10

Collagen Sock/Glove $10

Paraffin Hand/Foot $30


*Note – Acrylic or Gel polish from another salon must be removed prior to your appointment



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