BABOR’s age-preventing skincare system SKINOVAGE is based on highly effective formulations and provides solutions for the daily care of the specific skin type (which is genetically determined) and the skin condition (which is environmentally induced). The NEW main active ingredient found in every SKINOVAGE product, EpigenTech Power Peptide,is based on insights gained from epigenetics research. This has revealed that our genes do not determine everything. Only about 30 percent of the aging process is genetically predetermined. The remaining 70 percent can be influenced – by our lifestyle, our diet and, of course, by the right skincare. That is precisely where BABOR’s SKINOVAGE concept comes into its own, ensuring that the genetic information that is responsible for retaining the youthfulness of the skin can be utilised for longer. The skin cells stay youthful and active for longer – and strong cells beautify the skin.