Ageless Clinics

Tranquillity on Marius Day Spa is proud to represent Dr. Jeremy Cumpston from his Eastern Suburbs Sydney based Ageless Clinics. Dr Cumpston has over 20 years working as a GP, and over 10 years working in Anti-Ageing medicine.

Dr Cumpston visits Tranquillity on Marius Day Spa regularly offering the top of the line Ageless Clinics, and the Fraxel Re:Store Dual… “The gym for your skin”.

Ageless Clinics are dedicated to providing comprehensive Aesthetic treatments and Anti-ageing medical advice including: Provision of fillers and wrinkle injections to complement the baseline improvements that Fraxel Re:Store dual offers.

Visit for information on the Clear & Brilliant Laser, the latest in Laser technology and all services offered by Ageless Clinics.

Ageless Clinics Fees

$50 Booking Fee

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