Laser Hair Removal

Whats the difference?

People can be so confused about the different technologies on the market called IPL, Laser Hair Removal or Skin Rejuvenation. A lot of clients come and say they have had bad experience else; for example, they have had many treatments with no to little result or they have been burned!

My advice to you is to research and do your homework first to find out what machines are available, where are they made and the operators experience. Proceed with a consultation and have a test spot done. If you don’t see result after the test patch – don’t go back!

I use market leading machines from Palomar (Cynosure) made in USA and have done over 60,000 procedures specialising in laser and IPL. A lot of systems out there can be very weak, therefore you will spend more on treatments with less result. A lot of therapists are inexperienced even though they have a medical background. Are they doing the procedures day in day out? This is the question you need to ask! I have been specialising in laser and IPL therapy for the last 15 years now. I work alongside with doctors, dermatologists and surgeons and always welcome clients who have had a bad experience elsewhere to provide the results you are looking for.

I proudly offer a friendly and honest service with an amazing results.
Come and see me for a free consultant and a test patch at Tranquillity on Marius.

Lucie Blanchettova
Laser Express

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Government Accredited. Post Graduate Laser and IPL Therapist. 15 years of experience

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