About Restoration Medicine


Restoration medicine is a European inspired, globally connected cosmetic practice based in Paddington, Sydney.

“We stand for safety, integrity, innovation and excellence”

Restoration Medicine doesn’t want to change who you are, they aim to help you to feel more confident and to look the way you feel inside. They believe in rejuvenation, not augmentation, in subtlety and not drastic changes. With their global connections they introduce tried and tested European techniques in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and holistic cosmetic medicine to Australia thereby providing the most important person (you) with the very best in the cosmetic industry.

“We offer expertise and revolutionary cosmetic techniques that nobody else in Australia can”

Their aim is to go above and beyond current standards of practice, setting new bench marks of excellence within the cosmetic industry and to achieve the very best results for their patients in delivering a complete package of care from introduction to many years in the future…

“We will be by your side throughout the ageing process”

Their highly qualified team is led by Dr Robert Gilmour, a Cosmetic Physician and Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Surgeon who has worked with industry world leaders in California, Europe and Australia.

Their minimally invasive approach using patented technologies enables them to minimize risk and downtime yet achieve maximal results.

At Tranquillity - It's all about you.